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My Story The Debbie Greve

Thought I’d share, ‘My Story’ ….   In August 2014, I made a conscious decision to change the way I was eating … and declared publicly that I would ‘quit sugar’ & refined (white) carbohydrates!! By December 2014 I had lost about 9kgs and was starting to feel the (positive) effects of the change in my diet … most noticeably a (dramatic) increase in energy!! I’d joined a few ‘banting’ pages on face book … only follow the BBBD now & Banting for Athletes! I had been leading a ‘sedentary’ life style for some time ‘fuelled’ with Sugar & Starch!!  We were preparing to head down to Southbroom for our December (2014) holiday when I noticed a message on the...

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Time to Eat: Mitochondria Run on Timers

Neuroscience NewsMarch 16, 2016FeaturedGeneticsNeuroscienceWhen one eats may be as important as what one eats. New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and in Germany, which recently appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), suggests that the cells’ power plants – the mitochondria – are highly regulated by the body’s biological, or circadian, clocks. This may help explain why people who sleep and eat out of phase with their circadian clocks are at higher risk of developing obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.   Dr. Gad Asher of the Weizmann Institute’s Biomolecular Sciences Department, who led the study, explains that circadian clocks, which are found in living things from bacteria to flies and humans, control our rhythms...

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