Frequently asked questions for Big Breakfast Debate

Frequently asked questions:

 1. What is the main aim of the Big Breakfast Debate?

The Big Breakfast Debate has as its main and only objective, health. A life with regulated blood sugar and the ability to die healthy. It does not have as its main aim, super-fast fat loss, portion control, units and nanny's telling you what you can and cannot eat. It does make suggestions that would assist you to maintain your blood sugar and if you follow the general concepts, health, energy, zest and fat loss are inevitable

2. What is Moringa?

Moringa has been around for a very long time and essentially used by local communities. I have used it for muscle recovery and stress. After I started LCHF and saw the number of people that were struggling with thyroid problems, constipation, stress, low libido and carb flu I suggested the use of this super food and its made a massive difference to people starting out with LCHF as it provides every single nutrient that your endocrine system needs to adapt as well as dealing with the issues I previously mentioned.

It functions in the same category as coconut oil, Kerrygold butter and grass fed beef. Moringa is not a stimulant. If you have a vegetable garden, eat grass fed beef, love ox liver and eat absolutely clean (zero processed foods) you are getting all the nutrients you need to fix the chemical cocktail that you've fed your body for years. All Moringa does is accelerate unplugging the drains that have been blocked , thyroid, pituitary glands, liver, kidneys, endocrine system and gut and gets you to the goal posts with a lot less pain and gives you all the nutrients if you did not have or do the above. 

3. Banking Details?

In the event of you choosing not to use the Payfast option but rather direct deposit or EFT the following bank account should be used: 
Account: Natural Health Zone (Pty) Ltd t/a BB Natural Health
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 101 823 465 26
Branch Code: 051001 
NB*Please use your order number as reference when forwarding proof of payment. 

 4. Products available and Pricing List?

The full pricing list and products are in the catalogue.

 5. What Product must I start with?

If you are not seriously ill or an athlete I would suggest you start with the capsules. A dosage of 5 capsules or 2g per day powder is recommended to start with.

6. How Do I make a Payment?

Payment can be made online through the Payfast payment platform, direct deposit or EFT. See question 1

7. What are the specials and Prices?

All the specials are indicated in the catalogue and we will send you email specials from time to time

8. How Do I place an order?

Please go to the product that you are interested in and select. You will have the option of choosing a quantity. Once you have done this add it to your cart.

9. How do I drink the powder?

There are various methods but mixing with yoghurt and just putting it in your mouth and chasing with water is the most popular

10. Can I use it with other medication?

Yes you can

 11. When Pregnant may I use it?

Moringa is very beneficial to pregnant mommies 

12. What happens to cholesterol on A lchf diet?

With this diet HDL tends to go up (good thing) and LDL can also go up (could be good or bad depending on particle size) and so total cholesterol would naturally go up. But as others have suggested this tells one absolutely nothing but it is an opportunity for a doctor to prescribe statin drugs. In SA it isn't easy to get a particle size test done so rather get the lipogram as suggested which will give the HDL, LDL and triglyceride values. With this diet triglycerides tend to decrease and so an important metric to measure is the triglyceride: HDL ratio and if this ratio is below 0.8 then it is an indication that your LDL particles are likely to be the good large fluffy particles which is what has been shown to occur with an LCHF diet.

13. Is there a simple explanation for why I am hungry all the time?

There was once three funky little hormones called leptin, ghrelin and serotonin. Leptin liked to store fat and release energy as well as control the receptors that show that you are satiated and the other, ghrelin, liked carbs a lot and serotonin just loved being happy. When these three get together and chat your body starts working properly and you don’t have to count calories and can eat as much as you want. Simply stated your body, when it’s working, knows what it needs.

Key to getting these hormones and receptors working is feeding early in the morning so that the leptin hormone is happy and starts releasing fat for energy. Metabolism increases. Ghrelin dude says oh, ok if leptin is happy we don’t need sugary carbs. Unfortunately the other little dipshit called serotonin likes to feel good and needs tryptophan for this.
Tryptophan is a lazy dude and likes sugary carbs a lot but will make use of cheese, eggs, meat if it has to and will give the signal when he’s got enough fat. So once again getting at least 40% of your protein in the morning sorts out serotonin's cravings too. And they all lived happily ever after and burnt fat like crazy.

14. Why is breakfast important?

In cave men days you ate when there was food and ate till it was finished as Eskom wasn't there to power your fridge. The purpose of satiety at breakfast is accelerated fatloss. Have your satiety meal whenever you like , but considering habits , you will still eat during the day if you have your satiety meal at night. Plus it kind of defeats the object of having fuel when you are least active.

15. Can Caffeine we blamed for fat stalls?

Although caffeine is not a carbohydrate and has zero calories, it does stimulate the pancreas to secrete a small amount of Insulin, particularly if you are prone to Insulin Resistance . The reason it happens is that drinking coffee enhances the effect of two hormones, Adrenaline and Glucagon, which release stored sugar (glycogen) from the liver and a small amount of energy from fat stores resulting in higher blood sugar and elevated Insulin. So if you have been following the leptin discussions you may know that when the liver releases glycogen and increases insulin you are not producing ketones which means that if you are drinking coffee. never mind the cream, you are not burning fat. Add this to the fact that we drink coffee in between meals and we may understand why we are reaching plateaus.

16. Will my gout get better or worse on LCHF?

While high purine intake is associated with gout attacks in those who already have hyperuricemia, or high levels of uric acid in the blood, purine intake alone is not enough to trigger these attacks.  In fact, uric acid levels are frequently decreased during gout attacks, sometimes to within the normal range. Another factor associated with gout flares is an increase in C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin-6 (IL-6), cytokines produced during numerous inflammatory conditions. These inflammatory cytokines are increased in the joint fluid and serum of patients with acute gouty arthritis.

Therefore, systemic inflammation is likely a key factor affecting the likelihood of developing gout flares, and as we know, diet plays a significant role in inflammation. While foods like grass-fed beef, sardines, and mackerel are high in purines, they are also higher in omega-3 fatty acids and low in omega-6 fatty acids. Since the omega-3 to omega-6 balance in your diet modulates the inflammatory response, a diet with sufficient long-chain omega-3 fats like EPA and DHA will reduce systemic inflammation and may reduce the risk of forming the uric acid crystals that cause joint pain.