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Emotional Eating and How to Stop It

Emotional Eating and How to Stop ItDo you eat to feel better or relieve stress? These tips can help you stop emotional eating, fight cravings, identify your triggers, and find more satisfying ways to feed your feelings. Young woman illuminated by open refrigerator in front of her, platter of donut-shop pastries in hand, gorging What is emotional eating?We don’t always eat just to satisfy physical hunger. Many of us also turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or to reward ourselves. And when we do, we tend to reach for junk food, sweets, and other comforting but unhealthy foods. You might reach for a pint of ice cream when you’re feeling down, order a pizza if you’re bored or lonely,...

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Stress Management: Doing Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Stress Management: Doing Progressive Muscle Relaxation   IntroductionHave you ever had an aching back or pain in your neck when you were anxious or stressed? When you have anxiety or stress in your life, one of the ways your body responds is with muscle tension. Progressive muscle relaxation is a method that helps relieve that tension.In progressive muscle relaxation, you tense a group of muscles as you breathe in, and you relax them as you breathe out. You work on your muscle groups in a certain order.When your body is physically relaxed, you cannot feel anxious. Practicing progressive muscle relaxation for a few weeks will help you get better at this skill, and in time you will be able to...

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Probiotics may be beneficial in COVID-19 treatment

Probiotics may be beneficial in COVID-19 treatment By Dr. Liji Thomas, MDThe ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has caused well over 109 million infections and more than 2.4 million deaths. However, there are no approved pharmaceuticals that have shown potent specific activity against the virus, hindering control of the outbreak.A new study explores the role of common probiotics in managing the disease, which could prove to be of great value, given the emergence of new variants and the broad spectrum of clinical disease in COVID-19. Study: Probiotics: A potential immunomodulator in COVID-19 infection management . Image Credit: Kateryna Kon / Shutterstock Probiotics in viral infectionProbiotics are “nonpathogenic living microorganisms providing...

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11 Tips for a Healthy 2021

Now where do we start? by Dr. Frank Lipman As we learned in 2020, our health needs to be a priority this new year. Here to help you get started in the right direction are 11 actionable tips to tweak your lifestyle. Whether your focus is on improving your diet, better sleep, healing your gut, more fresh air, learning mindfulness, or creating happy relationships – these tips will motivate you to get started now. 11 Tips for a Healthy 2021: 1) Avoid Sugar. Sugar is public health enemy number one, an extraordinarily destructive substance that most of us eat far too much of.  2) See food as much more than just calories, it is information that tells your entire biology what to do and...

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20 Signs of Gluten Intolerance

20 Signs of Gluten IntoleranceBy Simi Gluten is a widespread name for the proteins that can be usually found in wheat products. Barley, rye, oats and other kinds of grains contain gluten too. People who eat gluten-loaded foods can feel a plethora of symptoms. These can be described as allergic reactions. They will feel the intolerance within the digestive tract and that can yield many intestinal inflammations. Small intestines can suffer as well. Problems like an unpleasant feeling in the stomach can easily become long-term damage. Since, for now, you can’t be tested for gluten intolerance, there is not much that you can do. One thing that helps is doing the test to rule out celiac disease.During normal digestion, enzymes...

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