How to start on the Big Breakfast


The Big Breakfast has as its main and only objective returning your youth by correcting health - A life with regulated blood sugar, and the ability to die healthy. 


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What do we mean by die healthy? To live a healthy life till the day you lay your head down.

BB does not have as its main aim super-fast fat loss, portion control, units and nanny's telling you what you can and cannot eat.

BB lifestyle focuses on eating dense micronutrients and avoiding refined sugars/carbs, processed foods and vegetable oils.

Suggested place to start:

  • Pay attention to your next five meals and see how much white (pasta, rice, bread, sugar, pap, gluten and milk) it contains.
  • Remove the white (pasta, rice, bread, pap, gluten and milk) and replace with simple greens - like spinach or lettuce etc;
  • Add butter, lard and coconut oil to everything;
  • If you were told you weren't allowed to eat it, now is your chance- butter, cream, cheese, avocado, eggs, bacon, chicken skin etc.
  • If you think it has sugar it has, avoid it (fruits, fruit juice and anything that says low fat, lite or approved by the heart foundation);
  • Add a handful of protein to all meals. Fish, chicken, meat, visceral meats etc;
  • Throw out all your vegetable oil and replace with butter, lard and olive oil;
  • You're going to get thirsty, drink. Water is your best friend
  • Weight loss is an added benefit - health is the main. Focus on your health markers;
  • Breakfast and early morning sunshine with good sleep is the key to your success;
  • Don’t rush out and buy anything new to you unless its green or fresh


What’s the big idea with breakfast?

  • It stabilises your blood sugar and up regulates fat release;
  • It removes the need for insulin to be increased to remove excess glucose - Excess glucose is toxic to your blood and shortens your life span;
  • It provides you with time to think about you instead of food;
  • It removes and reduces inflammation;
  • It forces you to make great nutrition choices;
  • It increases energy transfer between your cells, meaning it makes you younger;
  • It accelerates fat loss by up regulating fat releasing hormones;
  • It increases energy levels by up regulating ketone production;
  • It’s the one thing you can do that will take 20% effort but give you 80% of your results;
  • Champions do breakfast to satiety.

 The principles of the Big Breakfast

  • Main priority is stabilizing blood sugar (removing refined sugars/carbs) and removing hunger by getting the body to provide fuel (ketones) through releasing fat and correcting your weight;
  • To do this we eat breakfast to satiety, and we know we have eaten to satiety if we are not hungry for 6-8 hrs;
  • The elements of the Big breakfast 30g nett protein and 60-80g fat if you can;
  • Typically, this is an avocado, handful of bacon, 2-3 eggs and 2-3 tbsp.’s of butter. (First the avocado)
  • You will know that its working if you do not get hungry for 6-8 hrs, have excess energy in the afternoon and approach dinner less than hungry;
  • Dinner is typically a handful (palm size protein) with a cup or two of veg or salad;
  • We do not cut calories; we eat to lose by eating high quality calories. (Cut the carbs);
  • We do not do replica foods.

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