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How we get fat

By Brian Williamson In a nutshell, the hormone responsible for fat accumulation is insulin. Insulin is “regulated” by the amount of dietary carbohydrates, the more carbs, the more insulin. Protein also impacts insulin levels, but not to the same degree as carbs. Insulin works to simultaneously regulate the storage and use of fat and protein. It works to make sure your muscles and organs have enough protein to repair damage, and it also works to make sure those cells have enough energy for daily use. How does insulin “decide” how to do that? That’s a little more involved. Let’s talk fat and enzymes. Fat exists in two forms: fatty acids and triglycerides. Fatty acids are small enough to enter and...

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Has going Low Carbohydrate affected my performance?

Has going low carbohydrate affected my performance. I feel that I need to answer the question focusing on four aspects Have I corrected my weight, health and serum lipids? Has my performance on low carb increased? Has my weight, health and serum lipids been easier to sustain than high carb Could I have performed better had I kept on high carb or could I improve my current performance by going higher carb?   While I have participated in various forms of adventure and athletics all my life I previously never paid attention to why I was gaining weight or the effect it was having on my health.  I have also never been particularly good at any forms of sport but...

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My Story - Diana Fouche

DIE GROOT 'BREKVIS' AFFERE EN MY 'TAKE' OP DIT Vir al my vriendinne met gesondheidsprobleme, skete en ander derglike en onnoembare goeters en natuurlik van ons wie se ‘asses’ ons begin bekruip het na 25 en moenie die kinders vergeet nie. Hierdie storie maak jou gesonder, jonger en baie meer energiek. Niemand betaal my om die ding te skryf nie, so hier is ‘n ‘free for all-use it/don’t use it’-ietsie... Ek het 2 Augustus 2015 begin en go my - hierdie is die ENIGSTE volhoubare leefstyl (want dit is definitief NIE ‘n dieet nie) waarop ek al ooit afgekom het! Met ‘n ‘tweak’ aan jou gewoontevormende eetpatrone, hou jy baie maklik hierby. ‘n Ander dieët wat ek verlede jaar gedoen...

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My Story - Riana Nel

This is my story - I am a cyclist - not a very good one - but I love cycling - as you will see on the first photo my late husband and I cycled on the tandem - I did eight Argus Cycle tours - five on my own bike and three on the tandem with my late husband - then on that critical morning of the 8 th March 2010 on the morning of my late husband 60th 🎉 birthday he went out to Cycle and was killed on his bike with two other cyclists Uncle Jan and Magda just outside Oudtshoorn - by a motorist - At that stage I was a Colonel in SAPS and the...

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My Story - Charles Lubbe

I would love to regale you with the story of my life but will restrict it to my low carb journey. It’s the 23 of April 2014 and I have just returned from a holiday in Cape Town. This was a time when I still considered myself fit. This was evident from my shaved legs to show that I was an avid cyclist. My weight had blossomed over the preceding two years but it had crept up on me slowly and I must admit that I wasn’t too concerned about it. My gut was starting to protrude quite a bit but not being aware that this was one of the first signs of metabolic syndrome in men I largely ignored...

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