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Has going Low Carbohydrate affected my performance?

Has going low carbohydrate affected my performance. I feel that I need to answer the question focusing on four aspects Have I corrected my weight, health and serum lipids? Has my performance on low carb increased? Has my weight, health and serum lipids been easier to sustain than high carb Could I have performed better had I kept on high carb or could I improve my current performance by going higher carb?   While I have participated in various forms of adventure and athletics all my life I previously never paid attention to why I was gaining weight or the effect it was having on my health.  I have also never been particularly good at any forms of sport but...

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My Story - Charles Lubbe

I would love to regale you with the story of my life but will restrict it to my low carb journey. It’s the 23 of April 2014 and I have just returned from a holiday in Cape Town. This was a time when I still considered myself fit. This was evident from my shaved legs to show that I was an avid cyclist. My weight had blossomed over the preceding two years but it had crept up on me slowly and I must admit that I wasn’t too concerned about it. My gut was starting to protrude quite a bit but not being aware that this was one of the first signs of metabolic syndrome in men I largely ignored...

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The Sky Run – 100Km of absolute bliss

  The Witteberg is a South African mountain range just off the south-west corner of Lesotho. The range, which rises to 2408 metres, stretches for about 60km from Lundin’s Nek in the east to Lady Grey in the west. The range lends its name to the Witteberg Series, the uppermost fossiliferous sequence of the Cape System of sedimentary rocks in South Africa. The race starts in the town of Lady Grey which is famous for its annual Nativity Play and its quaint houses and incredible scenery. Terrain The Sky Run is true mountain running with a variety of terrain from hiking paths that lead you up to the tower, some jeep track is a welcome relief from most the terrain...

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