My Story The Debbie Greve

Thought I’d share, ‘My Story’ ….


In August 2014, I made a conscious decision to change the way I was eating … and declared publicly that I would ‘quit sugar’ & refined (white) carbohydrates!! By December 2014 I had lost about 9kgs and was starting to feel the (positive) effects of the change in my diet … most noticeably a (dramatic) increase in energy!!

I’d joined a few ‘banting’ pages on face book … only follow the BBBD now & Banting for Athletes!

I had been leading a ‘sedentary’ life style for some time ‘fuelled’ with Sugar & Starch!!

 We were preparing to head down to Southbroom for our December (2014) holiday when I noticed a message on the ‘Southbroom News Update’ face book page … that ‘Not Sheep Fitness’ would be hosting Pilates & Stretch & Tone classes during the holidays … I’d been avoiding introducing exercise to my lifestyle as I felt intimidated by the Jhb ‘gym scene’ … It was a perfect opportunity (I thought) to join a class (anonymously) … (thinking) no one will know who I am & if it’s awful … I never have to go back. Well to the contrary I was ‘hooked’ and needless to say I was back the next day … I invited all our house guests throughout December to join me … it added a wonderful dimension & balance to our holiday … Young & ‘not so young’ loved the opportunity to start the day on the right foot … it became part of our daily routine … the walk up to the ‘village’ … the exercise class followed by a hearty BIG breakfast.

The result of all this, was that on returning to Johannesburg in Jan 2015, I had a new sense of confidence & knew that I wanted to continue what I had started in Southbroom … For the first time ever … I had not gained weight over the December holidays!!! I joined our local Virgin Active Gym primarily to do Pilates, ‘SHAPE’ classes as well as ‘Spinning’ with my goal to Ride the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge in November! I had not ridden a bicycle for more than 30 years!!!

So 2015/2016 looks like this … participated in the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge on the 15th November 2015! Sadly did not finish (but I now realize it was a lack of strategy not fitness that hindered me) I did the 84.7 J (Feb) I entered the Dischem Ride for Sight (62km), Jacaranda (90km), (March) Cape ‘Argus’ (105km) in 5h56 and have just completed aQuella Tour Durban (104km) in 4h34 … I am over the moon – delighted – with my achievement!

Just goes to prove you can teach an ‘old’ dog new tricks … I’m 55 years old and I am a fitter, healthier, happier, more positive & energized than I have ever been!! Oh yes … I have lost about 26kg’s reduced body fat from 44% to about 28% (working on that) … also working on ‘toning’ and building a bit of muscle J

Loving my new (more active) healthy life style … with My Bike, Moringa & BIG BREAKFAST!