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Low carb gravy

Sometimes cooks are in the middle of making a low-carb meal, seemingly with no problems, only to become stumped by gravy. How much carbohydrate is in gravy? Although some commercial gravies have a lot of added starch, it's quite easy to whip up a homemade gravy that works fine for those who are cutting carbs. Here are the basics of gravy-making, with considerations for low-carb eaters. What is Gravy? Gravy is a sauce made from the pan drippings of roast meat. If there aren't drippings, it isn't "real gravy" -- it's technically just a sauce. The 3 Basic Ingredients of Gravy You can use all kinds of fancy ingredients for gravy, and some of them are delicious, but all you...

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How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut in a Jar

When life gives you cabbage, you make sauerkraut — and homemade sauerkraut is a world apart from the stuff that comes from the grocery store. It's crunchy and delightfully sour, perfect for topping a round of beer-braised brats . Don't worry about needing a special crock or making so much you'll be eating it for months. Today I'm showing you how to make a small batch of sauerkraut in a jar — it's just enough kraut to get you hooked! Sauerkraut is often one of the first fermentation projects recommended to curious DIY-ers, and with good reason: It's beyond easy to make, it requires very little special equipment, and the results are dependably delicious. All you need to do is...

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