7 meals - made easy! by Janice Lubbe

These are a few of the meals prepared by either one of my family: ages 11 – 45.

Often we will repeat ingredients for a few days or alternate between the ingredients over a few days for a variety of dishes. A super add on or condiment is the Zest Moringa Chilli or home-made mayo. Meals prepared in animal fat & avo OR spinach OR broccoli was added.

We often alternate our breakfast meats between: pork/bacon/rashers/roast or home-made liver pate or chicken/lamb/ox liver or “skilpadjies

Golden rule: eat your avo first 😊



Scrambled egg and bacon/meat on the side
Bone broth/soup
Egg fold-over, with bacon/meat pieces in centre

Pumpkin soup

Egg in a cup with bacon/meat slices
Steamed pumpkin cubes with portion meat
Fried egg & bacon/meat portion

Diced & fried baby marrows with portion meat
Boiled, sliced egg, fried pieces bacon/meat
Steamed cauliflower & broccoli with portion meat
Scrambled all in a bowl: egg, meat, spinach
Preservative free sausage, broc & cauli salad
All in a quiche: egg, bacon/meat, spinach, olives
Mixed salad & portion meat


*Link to the BB food list: https://z4l.co.za/pages/the-bbbd-food-lists

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