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Simple Steps That You Can Do to Improve Your Thyroid Health

Here are simple ways that you can take in order to improve the performance of your thyroid: • Identify and treat the underlying causes. Find out what's really triggering your thyroid problems – whether it's iodine deficiency, hormone imbalance, environmental toxicity, or inflammation – to address it appropriately. For best results, consult an integrative medical practitioner. • Load up on fresh iodine-rich foods. As an alternative to iodine supplementation, eat enormous amounts of toxin-free sea vegetables or sea weeds like spirulina, hijiki, wakame, arame, dulse, nori, and kombu, which are loaded with the thyroid-friendly nutrient, iodine, and other beneficial minerals. However, make sure that these are harvested from uncontaminated waters. The recommended dose is about five grams a day ....

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How One Refeed Day Every Single Week Can Promote More Weight Loss

No matter how strict you are the chances of you eating based on old habits and likes is more common than you may think. The attrition rate for folks trying to stay on very low carbs for an extended period of time is very high. So why would one want  to expose yourself to the risk of cravings and regular cheating?By diverting foods to a specific day once a week you increase your chances of stringing together good days. One good day is no better or worse than one bad day. It’s stringing good days together that makes the differenceI had never used a diet spike day when my goal was to lose weight. I had read mixed reviews and...

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How the thyroid effects your weight correction

Most people who convert to low carb experience fantastic health and weight correction. There are however those that find weight correction difficult even when approaching low carb correctly. Then there are people who do all that and still cannot lose weight. This is when it’s time to give serious consideration to thyroid dysfunction. By “thyroid dysfunction” I am referring to various degrees of hypothyroidism, i.e., low thyroid hormone levels. (I’m going to ignore hyperthyroidism, since this is much less common and does not impose any limitation on weight loss.) This is a big issue, so I’m going to cover it as a check list, a series of bullet points that you can run down to cover as much territory as...

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