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Know your Gut Buddies

Know your Gut Buddies The millions of microbes found in a healthy gut all have their own job description.  Take a moment to read this chart and appreciate exactly what each species does and when Gut Rescue can best be used to allow your system to get the maximum benefit from this living product. Written by Samantha Vorster BUY NOW

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Can you imagine it by Samantha Vorster Gut health has been grossly misunderstood and underestimated. There is more activity in your gut than neurons firing in your brain! The link between the gut and the brain, which is being studied in-depth and revealing startling insights, is causing medical practitioners to call the gut the “second brain”.  As Dr Axe explains, “See, the gut is home to the enteric nervous system. Separate from the central nervous system, the ENS is made up of two thin layers with more than 100 million nerve cells in them — more than the spinal cord. These cells line the gastrointestinal tract, controlling blood flow and secretions to help the GI tract digest food. They also help...

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Supplements (nutrients and fuels)

Are there ways to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need? Yes there is. By eating visceral meats, fatty cold water fish and organic vegetables you are a long way to your goal. I have found that in the absence of knowing and having absolute peace of mind that I am eating correctly, a good choice of supplements has made a huge difference to my journey. I am a huge fan of getting all my nutrients in with ease and peace of mind rates highly when choosing nutrients to eat. Here is a list of nutrients you need from the food choices you make daily. 1. Vitamin A (Beta Carotene), Vitamin A is a vitamin...

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