Salt Gift Pack

Salt Gift Pack

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BB Natural Health Seasalt Trio Glass Grinder Gift Set - 100% Natural, Seaweed & Herbs, Spicy Grill Mix

All salts in our trio are free of any additives or preservatives, rich in essential minerals and trace elements naturally found in salt and harvested in harmony with nature.

When tasted, this unique South African sea salt, with its distinct mineral taste and a roundness of flavour, allow the crystals to slightly prick the tongue and then dissolve, leaving a flavour nearly as sweet as it is salty –a mysterious and marvellous sensation. It is an essential ingredient used by our most informed and well known chefs, dusted over a dish at the last minute so that the diner will have the pleasure of the slight crackle and then the delicious melting.

BB Natural Health Seasalt is completely pure and natural.
The higher calcium content is responsible for a distinctive taste, hence our slogan:

“A taste of the sea”.

Unlike Industrial Salt, our salt does not contain artificial chemicals nor any anti-caking agents as our salts have a natural low moisture absorption.

What's in the box: 3x 100gr glass variety mixed salt grinders.

*Seaweed & Herbs:
This is a Coarse Sea salt mix with Porphyra Seaweed(Nori), Basil, Parsley, Lemongrass, Lemonzest, Celery,Garlic Granules, touch of chilli and petals. It is mostly used for: Salads, Stews, Fish, Chicken and Egg dishes.

*Spicy Grill Mix:
This is a coarse Sea salt mix with Chilli, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Wild Garlic, Cumin, Buchu and a touch of Pepper. It is mostly used for Barbecues (Braai) as well as for added spicy touch to any food dish.

*Course Sea Salt:
Contents: 100% Natural Coarse Sea Salt