Organic Plant Food - Moringa Extract (250 ml)

Organic Plant Food - Moringa Extract (250 ml)

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Moringa contains plant hormones (including Zeatin) that encourages plants and crops to produce greater yields. At Proyecto BIOMASA, an agricultural research program located in Nicaragua, Moringa has been studied for over six years. Researchers have found evidence, for example, that Moringa can be used as a foliar spray to increase plant growth and as a green manure to improve soil fertility. Lowell Fuglie summarised some of BIOMAS's major findings in a report excerpted below.

BIOMASA has discovered that Moringa leaf extract contains a plant growth hormone. Fuglie writes, "Juice from fresh Moringa leaves can be used to produce an effective [spray containing] plant growth hormone, increasing yields by 25-30% for nearly any crop: onions, bell pepper, soya, maize, sorghum, coffee, tea, chili, melon.

. . .One of the active substances is Zeatin: a plant hormone from the cytokinins group. This foliar spray should be used in addition to (and not in lieu of) other fertilisers, watering and sound agricultural practices. "In one trial, use of this hormone [spray] increased maize yields from 60 to 130 sacks per hectare. Using this hormone [spray], BIOMASA was able to grow coffee at 30 meters altitude. Coffee, shaded with Jatropha curcas, produced beans in just 17 months.


Directions for use:
Dilute 1:25 with water and apply on soil around base of plants

Moringa extract contains 17% ethanol as preservative