Month Pack for two : 4 x Gut Rescue Plus 6 x  Moringa Capsules (120)

Month Pack for two : 4 x Gut Rescue Plus 6 x Moringa Capsules (120)

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Gut rescue and moringa combo. Where Gut Rescue is a pro biotic Moringa is a pre biotic
(Moringa buy 2 get 1 free not available on this order)

Moringa Superfood

There is anecdotal evidence that Moringa can be used for “tired blood” (anemia); arthritis and other joint pain (rheumatism); asthma; cancer; constipation; diabetes; diarrhea; epilepsy; stomach pain; stomach and intestinal ulcers; intestinal spasms; headache; heart problems; high blood pressure; kidney stones; fluid retention; thyroid disorders; and bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections as well as muscle recovery. 

There is anecdotal evidence that Moringa can also used to reduce swelling, increase sex drive (as an aphrodisiac), boost the immune system, increase breast milk production and reduce inflammation. Some people use it as a nutritional supplement or tonic that assists with mental alertness and improves attention deficit.

92 Nutrients , 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-Inflammatory,18 Amino Acids, 9 Essential Amino Acids

• Supports Normal Hormone Levels• Provides Anti-Inflammatory Support• Promotes Healthy Digestion
• Promotes Heightened Mental Clarity• Boosts Energy Without Caffeine• Encourages Balanced Metabolism
• Natural Anti-Aging Benefits • Promotes Softer Skin
• Nourishes The Immune System• Promotes Healthy Circulation• Supports Normal Glucose Levels

-  Moringa with its amino profile, and dozens of vitamins and minerals, helps to regain regrow, re- energise and recover muscle mitochondria after exercise

- Its assists the thyroid, pituitary glands, hippo campus, kidneys, liver and gut.

And much more!

Our locally grown Zest Moringa is organic and 100% Pure .

Gut Rescue 15 strain  Probiotic

Probiotic microorganisms may help with digestion and offer protection from harmful bacteria, just as the existing "good" bacteria in your body already do.

If you are stalling, cramping at night, having elevated LDL, tummy issues, low sex drive, low oestrogen, low testosterone, increased stress etc then nutrients on their own are not going to help as your gut bacteria may be stopping or slowing down the absorption of critical nutrients and vitamins.

Although more research is needed, there's encouraging evidence that probiotics may help:

  • Improves digestion and with improved digestion comes less body stress
  • Improved digestion also increases the uptake of nutrients from the food we eat
  • Treat diarrhoea, especially following treatment with certain antibiotics
  • Prevent and treat vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections
  • Treat irritable bowel syndrome
  • Speed treatment of certain intestinal infections
  • Prevent or reduce the severity of colds and flu
  • Improves mental clarity


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