E/Book : It only takes 8 weeks

E/Book : It only takes 8 weeks

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It only takes 8 weeks needs to be used in conjunction with The Breakfast Debate. The Breakfast Debate will show you loads of tips and helpful hints.

Its main aim is still to serve this purpose and I trust and believe that it will also be able to assist the low insulin diet enthusiast to keep track of their progress in a simple way. Tracking meals, satiety hours and cm as well as weight loss over an eight weeks’ period with online access to your coach of choice.

Accountability much like any discipline seeks to create and awareness of action and provide an alternative course of action where required.

The Big breakfast debate speaks to your belief, environment and nutrition and it’s the combination of these three spheres that assists you in long term success.

It only takes 8 weeks, requires an accountability from you in taking your life forward.