E/book: Big Breakfast Debate

E/book: Big Breakfast Debate

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Lose weight and keep it off forever. Do not read this book unless you feel the need to make some serious changes to your passion, dreams, desires and zest for life. This book is as a result of my obsessive desire to reclaim my youth and correct my own health markers and weight. It’s based on eighteen months actual research, more than 4000 hours during which time the team and I observed and interacted with more than 40000 people who were attempting or succeeding to change to a low carb high fat diet and correct their weight, health and serum lipids.

Observing this living laboratory and natural experiment called the Breakfast Debate has been fascinating to say the least and the results that I have observed have been astounding.

The Big Breakfast Debate covers your complete journey to weight, health and serum lipid correction.

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