The Big Breakfast food lists

The BB food lists
Morning/Dinner protein Lists
Fish Red Meat ( Beef, lamb, pork, venison) Fowl ( Chicken , turkey, duck  )
Salmon Liver Livers
Trout Heart Heart
Tuna Kidney Gizzards
Mackerel Pork belly Wings
Sardines Smoked Pork Neck Thighs
Hake Gammon Breast
haddock Rashers Drumsticks
Snoek Bacon Broth
Oysters Cured meats
Yellow tail Steak
Dorado Chops
Prawns Ribeye
Squid Rump
Hake Sirloin
Broth Broth
Breakfast sides
Eggs Spinach Butter
Avocado Almond butter Lard
Tallow Suet Sauerkraut
Duck fat Pink salt Moringa Chilli
Balsamic beads Fresh herbs Olive oil
Truffle oil Avocado oil Chicken fat
Egg Cheese Avocado
Olives Almonds , Macadamias Salmon
Biltong Crackling Liver pate
Terine Lard and salt Salmon pate
Dinner Vegetables
Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cabbage
Spinach Kale Zucchini
Green beans Baby marrow courgettes Olives
Sugar snaps Green peppers Asparagus
Onions Pumpkin Mushrooms
Aubergine egg plant Cauliflower Tomato
Celery Occasional carrots Occasional sweet potato
Dairy Very Occasionally
Double thick cream Cream cheese Double thick yogurt
Feta Parmesan Gouda
Camembert Halloumi Pecorino
Brie Gruyere Mozzarella
Roquefort Cheddar Butter


Be careful with snacks like biltong, nuts even the crackling, these we like to call domino foods. Domino foods are foods that you intend having a piece or two and then end up eating the whole packet.

Your next meal or dinner will be the similar in size or smaller than your first meal of the day to satiety. Eating a dinner similar or smaller in size to breakfast sets you up rather well for that big breakfast tomorrow morning.

Dinner may end up having less fat than breakfast and is your ideal opportunity to add lots of vegetables and a palm size protein of choice.

The simple rule of thumb for vegetables is if it’s green and grows above the ground you can eat it. If it grows above the ground and has colour you can eat it occasionally. Stay away from vegetables that grow under the ground at least until you have corrected your health markers.

You will notice that we keep vegetables and dairy for later in the day. If you consider that your net carbs, eating breakfast to satiety, will be extremely during the day you will find that you have a lot more freedom to make vegetable choices at night.

Additional nutrients that will help you on this journey to wellness are:
1. Moringa superfood in either capsules of powder. Moringa has 92 nutrients with all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
2. MCT oil – Caprylic acid is the common name for the eight-carbon saturated fatty acid derived from coconut oil or palm kernel. Get KEtone Booster with added vit d3.
3. Probiotics - Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system.These three are essential to my journey and give me the peace of mind I need to know that I am optimising my nutrition. Get Gut Rescue

Things to avoid
1. All sugar, grains and starches. This would include breads, pasta, pizza, rice, corn, popcorn, sweets, chocolates, legumes, ice cream, beet root, potato, soft drinks or anything that’s says “ lite” or “ fat free “
2. All stimulants including caffeine.
3. Spike day is a day where you get to make any choice or consider foods that you may have diverted to your spike day. You will learn quickly enough what works for you.