Come journey with Linda and Tobie to awesome weight correction.

The food cupboard is stocked with everything mentionable that we happily chomp on regardless of our weight. We’ve been overweight for a long period of time and the kilos slowly but surely kept increasing. Clothes didn’t fit anymore but we just bought the next bigger size.

We tried every diet. From Sure Slim and Weigh-Less right through to the use of Herbex products, costing us a sad amount of money each month – but success? Nope! Lose a few, gain double and more.

In the media numerous articles appear about Prof Tim Noakes and the Banting diet.

Middle May 2014.

Linda’s mother and aunt decide to follow this lifestyle. We thought, just like the many un-informed, that this is just another scam and could never work.

June 2014 .

Yet another month, but what is different? The morning of 27 June we got onto the scale. A whopping 122kg smiled back for both of us. Shocking eye opener definitely! So we sat down and had a chat about our weight and health, realizing we were not doing anything good for ourselves, and actually feeling envious of the results that mom and aunt were showing. The decision was made.

Onto the Banting wagon we hop. Searched Facebook for Banting pages and became members of a few, eager to learn more.

Out went the starchy food items, tins and processed foods and in came cream, eggs, coconut/almond flour, and butter. We had a good first month. We felt great. Weekends were spent in the kitchen baking all the nicest breads and Banting cookies … oh we loved that goodness, on which other ‘diet’ can one make these nice little biscuits and rusks and even have some granola with yogurt, not to mention the chocolate/strawberry fat bombs?

September 2014 we hit our first bump in the road. Our weight loss rate started decreasing rapidly. This was rather demotivating and we couldn’t find any explanation. We were doing things by the book so why the sudden decrease? We were then introduced to Charles Lubbe’s The Big Breakfast Banting Debate Facebook page.

Suddenly a whole different world and way of doing was opened before us. We were curious, but not overly excited to change what we’d been doing as we were enjoying our lifestyle. We continued our way.

October 2014 we struck a total stall in weight loss.

Like others, we felt okay, maybe this is it, and maybe Banting is not for us?

Again we sat down and had a chat. Decision made – we will try the BBBD way. Out went the baked goodies, the coconut/almond flour, the dairy and fruit. In came loads of bacon and eggs, coconut, avocado and olive oils, the green veggies, lots of butter and avocados. Oh, and don’t forget the ZestMoringa!

After the first week the scale showed results in the right direction. We bought a new scale and started tracking body fat % and not only the kg loss. Tobie started feeling light-headed every day and went to see his doctor, who, by the way, could not believe the results he saw. Over a period of time the cholesterol medicine was stopped completely and the high blood pressure medicine cut to a quarter of the previous prescription. Now, after 13 months on this lifestyle, Tobie’s blood pressure is stable.

Our energy levels changed dramatically. Utilizing this additional (newly-found) energy we started moving. We took up walking at least three evenings a week, slowly increasing our distance and speed.

We are in good health, feeling silly when fitting our ‘big’ clothes for photo updates, experiencing an overall feeling of health, love and loads of energy, soaking up compliments from friends and colleagues.

Our journey is not finished yet. Our current weight loss stands at:

Tobie down from 122kg to 82kg (40kg loss) and body fat down from 36% to 26% (tracked only from Oct 2014).

Linda down from 122kg to 76kg (46kg loss) and body fat down from 51% to 34%. We do not leave home to start the day before we have our Moringa.

What are you waiting for?
Join us today on a journey to renewed zest for life!