Tobie and Linda's 9 tips to help you lose weight

  1. Start by realising and accepting that banting is not a diet. It is a lifestyle you will follow for the rest of your life. It is a journey to correct your health and weight and by doing that you need to change your habits.Therefore your mind set is MOST important. You must get that 100% right before you even try to change your habits.
  1. There is no such thing as falling off the wagon. You cannot blame a family gathering /office party or any socialising for not keeping to your decision. What you put in your mouth is your own choice.

  2. Planning is essential – make sure you have what you need for a week (or month) – pre prepare and freeze food items for those hectic / long working hour days. It helps you to bypass the fast food restaurants on the way home.

  3. Do not go shopping on the way home when you are tired and hungry. This way you are not tempted to buy junk food.

  4. Set small goals yet keep your eye on the end result. Remember you are human – you may have times when you feel a bit down and out of synch. Take a deep breath and carry on.

  5. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique – you have your own journey to travel. Take hold of it and give your best.

  6. Keep weekly track of your progress by measuring/weighing and note it down. Keep a photo record of yourself in a specific clothing item once a month – you will be amazed by the result.

  7. Before you start, sit down and plan. Don’t go rushing out buying left right and centre everything that you think is banting food.

    Do not get misled by posters in the shops stating “Banting Friendly”. It is not always the truth. Learn to read the labels on food items. Along the way you most probably will hear/see banting bread / banting pasta / cauli rice/cauli mash. See that as replica foods and stay clear. Most of these so called banting friendly items do contain hidden carbs that will hamper your process of changing old habits and stall your weight loss.

  8. Once comfortable with this way of eating make use of the spike day – it is there for a reason. Learn to trust yourself in this. On BBBD you have access to good quality guaranteed ZestMoringa – we do not leave home to start the day before we have our ZestMoringa and Gut Rescue.