Testimony of Terésa Erwee

Translated testimony of Terésa Erwee

I've attached two photos, one in Dec 2018 and the after in April 2019. I feel quite ashamed of the photos and I realise that I haven't arrived as yet, and a long road ahead awaits me.


11 kg difference between the two photos 

In December 2018 I realised that it's time to make a serious life change, as I was at the most weight I'd ever been in my life. I just had to do something drastically.  In the past I'd tried many diets like Cohen, Weighless, Slender Wonder, injections, pills, you name it.

I've been following the Big Breakfast group for the past 2 years and could never muster the courage to start, but in January 2019, I very reluctantly, decided to start on this new lifestyle.

Initially I was quite nauseous from the high amounts of fats, but I persevered and couldn't believe that I was losing weight whilst eating all these fats. It definitely didn't feel like a diet or did I ever feel hungry...


After 10 weeks of following the BB principles and taking moringa and Gut Rescue I can say the following:
1. I'm not angry (hangry) because of eating/following the BB lifestyle. In the past I'd be fuming as everyone else was enjoying themselves and I would feel deprived due to the diet I was following;
2. I have no more stomach cramps and pain, which was my 'normal' in the past;
3. I no longer feel bloated or windy;
4. I used to have a lot of pain in my hands, wrists, shoulders and hips - It's so much better now. In the mornings I couldn't clinch my fists, but now I'm able to and my hands are soft and flexible;
5. I no longer have brain fog and my memory has improved;
6. In general I'm more mobile and have plenty of extra energy;
7. I sleep properly;
8. I have a general sense of well being and hope for the future, expectant to see my health improve and also watch the excess weight "fall off";
9. I enjoy every day and the lifestyle is so simple - no packing lunch boxes to work. This is the ideal lifestyle for someone who's regularly on the road. I do have almonds and biltong available in the car for a snack if need be;
10. On a last point, my hair and nails are growing and looking good. On a previous diet I lost almost all my hair.


I believe I can make this a lifestyle.

I would like to thank Morné, Jeanne Le Roux and BB facebook friends for all your input, keeping me accountable and knowing that there is a network of support readily available.