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I treated a 'patient' that had a huge bedsore (pressure ulcer) with Gut Rescue and within a week new tissue started developing and the sore had shrunk.
The patient went to see her doctor as the sore was hurting and he said that's great news as there is life tissue growing. Dead tissue doesn't hurt...

I have worked in hospitals for 42 years. I have never seen a bedsore heal so fast. This is really a miracle. Then with taking Moringa the chances of healing is so much bigger. - Kowie Swart

Patient said: It has healed so much faster since taking Gut Rescue....... you saw how long it was taking.... I owe you a huge thank you......pls let me know what the pack costs so I can get the money together so long
This is in two weeks from bottom left to top photo

            Left bottom when starting...      Today 30 May 2019



On 29 December 2017,Charlie, aged 20, got his leg caught in a chain. After nearly three weeks of using conventional treatment for his injury, the vet advised that it was best for Charlie to be put down as his condition was deteriorating rapidly.

With nothing to lose and a very skeptical heart, Charlie's Mum sprayed his leg with Gut Rescue on 18 January 2018.

Within 48 hours the heat left his leg and the swelling started to come down.
By the Saturday she was proclaiming his healing to be miraculous and the Sunday, which was meant to be his last, came and went with Charlie still standing.

Within a week Charlie was walking freely again.

The pictures tell the story and we keep a daily diary to track Charlie's miraculous recovery.


Gutt Rescue applied to wart and lost 'centre' by day 10. Audrey Jamneck