Scotch Eggs by Carol Singleton

Scotch Eggs

by Carol Singleton



3 eggs
5 quality pork sausages with no cereals, wheat or msg
Chopped onion
Parsley and Thyme

Quite easy to make:
Boil eggs
For each boiled egg use about 1.5 good quality pork sausages
Take sausage meat out the casing, put in a bowl. I used a little very finely chopped onion, parsley and thyme.
Add seasalt
Using your h
ands mix together.

Divide your mixture into the amount of eggs you have.
Wet hands, place some meat mixture in your hand and press out.

Place a peeled boiled egg on top of the meat.
Cover the egg with the meat mince.

Place your egg on a piece of greased foil. I used separate pieces of greased foil for each egg.

Roll your egg in the foil as to make a "Christmas cracker" place on baking tray.

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

Once done unwrap the foil.

Fry to brown on all sides.

Serve warm