Life - A New Dream! by Janice Lubbe

To start we need to “start at the very beginning.”

Zest for Life or also known as The Big Breakfast Banting Debate, has as its main and only objective: returning your youth by correcting health. A life with regulated blood sugar, and the ability to die healthy with a daily new found zest for life.

Your main keys to this lifestyle:  Planning & Preparation.
How to do it:  Keep it simple & keep it fresh.
Your focus:  Know “Your Why”


In a previous newsletter I shared my journey into the LCHF Lifestyle (Oi! Burn the photo!) and how to get around the shlep of making meals and actually how simple, tasty & delicious it can be.

When starting on this lifestyle, and it IS a lifestyle, you cannot combine refined carbs/sugars with fat in order to correct your health & weight - it’s a no compromise.

For us as a family, this journey has been made easy once we identified our  “Why?”. Why are we doing this and added being able to be held accountable to each other has paved a road to success. As a family of 5, this has had some interesting days as one member would crumble and then another would be there to remind them of their “Why!”, to encourage and to motivate. I think one of our successes on this lifestyle is that we strung six strict days together and then allowed for a treat on day seven. Though, this has since been channeled differently as we’ve learnt our body wants good, nutrient dense foods...not the “quick fix stuff”.

The following exercise may help you gain clarity into your journey, as it did for us, to help you set goals and even learn a little about yourself. We all have routines and a way of doing things - I call this my default position, because when under pressure or stress this is what I do without thinking. So time to make new habits & new memories and in order to do that we need to set achievable goals - a sustainable “Why?”

How to find your “Why?”

  1. Write down 100 things/goals that you would like to do, achieve, be or complete (whatever comes to mind, there is no right or wrong, these items do not have to be possible or achievable – just write any variation of the goal)
  2. Once completed, prioritize the list 1-5 (1 being the most important and 5 being least important. Read each item and score what comes to mind)
  3. On a separate page, list all the items marked priority 1 (Eliminate till no more than 10 items listed as priority 1.)
  4. From these top 10 listed write them so that they are in the present tense – take ownership of goal (eg. If I’ve written: I want a new car. Then write it now as: I am driving my new car)
  5. Then for the remainder of the list take each line item and ask yourself does it fall into: social, family, finance, work or health as a priority. You will quickly see which area of your life is getting more attention than others.
  6. Now this list of 10 goals will need to be reviewed daily to channel your energy and focus when you need to make choices.

*For a further study on: “What would your motivation be?” (Your Why) and “Find the joy” with an “express yourself” activity follow the link to purchase your Zest Big Breakfast soft cover book or Zest Big Breakfast e-book: