I couldn’t imagine it….can you? by Jeanne Le Roux

I couldn’t imagine it….can you?

...that eating right was fast, easy and cheap?

...that you don’t have to look at expensive diet-products that caught your attention with false advertising…and you don’t ever have to fall for it…ever again?

...that you don’t have to count calories or weigh your food?

...that you could get rid of all those pain, anti-inflammatory, depression, blood pressure and diabetes meds?

...that you don’t have to prick your finger 4 times a day for glucose readings?

...that the smallest pants size in your cupboard actually got worn at some stage?


Only in fairy tales….surely….Could this ever be possible??


YES!!! I know…because my husband and I are doing it!

I tipped the scale well over 110 kg, hubby’s sugar was out of control, readings above 15 was his normal.

As round as our bodies were we felt flat, we lived flat lives, our family spent our days on couches in front of TVs, flat on our bums, emotionally drained, overall just flat…


End of 2017, having no success with dietician-diets I decided to take a plunge into any other pool that would have me…I started looking around on FB…and I found THIS group….boy oh boy, “fanatics these people are!” was what I thought to myself…but something kept me here…I read a lot, never commented or liked anything…and I saw results…..so…it got me thinking….wishing…hoping…and very glad to say, DOING!


I started on 12/10/2017. My husband followed 2 weeks later….and it is WORKING!!

We are losing without suffering….no counting, no weighing, no buying of expensive foods.

We started seeing massive changes in hubby’s blood glucose readings…I confirmed with him this morning, his readings do not go above 7.6 anymore…fed or fasting! It dropped from just under 20!!


We take our Moringa, Ketone Booster and Gut Rescue…no more feeling flat, no more sugar crashes, no more headaches, depression meds have been tapered down to…NOTHING! Metformin will be heading on the same route shortly…No more bloatedness….and on Spike Day sugar levels are kept under control with Spike Manager. WE are in control. Food does not control us or our family life any longer.

So….if you are at a similar crossroad as we were end of 2017…you know that you need to make a change….but you feel like it’s an unreachable dream to be healthy and happy and thin…you have tried everything before, “why would this be different” you may ask?


Stop thinking and…TAKE THE PLUNGE…because you have LOTS to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!


The Zest-family will help you get unstuck, they will get you on track…and if you are prepared to stick to this, together they will see you at all of your goalposts too! Take charge of your life and your health, drop the excuses, take it one day at a time…and enjoy the journey!


Sunday is spikeday…weigh day…so I will let you know how things are coming along…the photo is about a month old....watch this space!


If you stay in Potchefstroom...let me know how I can help you...stock available too!