I am just big boned, and you? by Tariro Chipere

I always thought I was big boned",  that it was "in my genes" and a "family hereditary condtition" as my parents were large too.
I was a size 26 and weighed 118 kg, sometimes more, this was my normal.

I would consume Coke, all sorts of food, I would eat 3 full meals a day and snacking between meals was part of my daily routine. I would even keep packet of biscuits in my office drawer for just in case…

I was on medication for high blood pressure by the time I hit my early 30's and still the weight just kept piling on.

In December 2015 I was diagnosed with diabetes, my blood sugar level was 26. I was physically weak and my vision was so bad that I couldn't even read a till slip. I was scared and needed to do something drastic. 

The doctor put me on metphormin and glimepiride - My condition didn't get any better.

Further symptoms caused me to go for more blood tests and revealed I was severely anaemic.

My chest pains and blood pressure became uncontrollable. My doctor had to increase my blood pressure medication, as well as now having to prescribe iron supplements.

This was by no means a way to live - pain, discomfort, inflammation, emotional mood swings all became a part of my life as much as I didn't want it. Being desperate I bought “those” teas and shakes in the hope to fight these ailments, but only cost me thousands every month which simply wasn't financially sustainable

In January 2017 I discovered the Big Breakfast Banting Debate, now known as Zest for Life.

By February I was geared to start. The BB e/book was on free offer, and I downloaded it and read all the testimonials which left me feeling encouraged and motivated.

With starting this eating lifestyle, I also started taking the Moringa powder twice a day and it helped me a lot.
Little by little I was gaining strength.
My iron levels increased tremendously. 
My vision also improved, of which the optician also commented about it - I don't wear glasses anymore.

My Doctor has dropped most of my medication. I was taking 5 sometimes 6 pills every morning now I only take 1 for blood pressure, of which I’ll soon be weaned off as well.

The journey was no bed of roses, but looking back, it has been worth it.

I am happy, healthy and can cross my legs now.

25kg down and journey is still on.


Happy zesting.