Remarkable health is often an elusive quest started by many and truly mastered by few.  Modern living, with its chemical dependency, leaves our organic systems grossly lacking in vitality.  It is essential to counteract the harmful and toxic effects of our food, polluted air, tainted water and stressful lifestyles.  Tools to achieve this are offered daily through mainstream media but it takes time and money to discover those that truly make a difference to our lives.



Gut Rescue Probiotic is one of the rare treasures which should be in every home - everywhere. “Pro” means for and “biotic” means living organisms – hence the name Probiotic. Gut Rescue is a naturally fermented, liquid probiotic, containing effective micro-organisms, which is a technology developed in Japan.

Considering the human being contains more microbes then human cells, it is not surprising that the replenishment and care of those microbes are key to health in all other body systems.  When the delicate balance of microbes is disrupted, usually through the use of “Anti-biotics”, our stressful lifestyles, and our sugar-laden, gluten packed diets, then the system enters a healing crisis which has long-term devastating effects.

Natural microbes, which, due to the prolific use of antibiotics, chemicals and hormones in agriculture and livestock farming, are no longer available in our foods and water. Thus, when one considers the vital importance of these microbes, such as natural yeasts and phototropic bacteria, which form an intricate part of the growth, health and survival of almost every life form on earth, the increase and proliferation of life threatening diseases in current society can easily be understood.


Gut Rescue has a unique role to play as it provides a living source of gut-balancing microbes.  Fermented with molasses, these naturally occurring soil borne organisms are in a balanced state ready to provide your system with instant relief.  There is no time needed for colonization as with other freeze dried, capsule probiotics – just ask someone with a cold-sore to apply the liquid directly and to tell you what they feel!  Yes – this product can be used externally!  Drinking a daily dose of 15ml will assist your gut in all its functions.  Using it directly on your skin, on open wounds, burns and eczema, will bring pain relief as well as speed up the healing process dramatically.  Children can safely use Gut Rescue – especially when they bring their diarrhea and vomiting home from school.  Every class room should contain a bottle!  This essential food supplement can be taken every hour if someone is very ill and should be part of every First Aid kit!


The importance of Gut Rescue is yet to be appreciated by the general public.  Education and exposure are keys in getting this extremely important, life changing product which enhances the lives of all who take it – including their pets!  Remarkable gut health is a secret to remarkable living and optimal wellness.  Have you had your Gut Rescue today?

Written by:

Samantha Vorster


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