Chill Pill lowers insulin and helps you lose weight

Chill Pill (Moringa olifeira, ashwagandha and tulsi) assists in managing blood glucose and insulin levels. Insulin is the general and our first second of action when correcting health, weight and serum lipids. Our first course of action being reducing redox or free radicals.


When we reduce redox or free radicals, we boost our immune system and reduce chronic and unresolved inflammation.

Cill Pill with its extraordinary high levels of vit c acts as a potent anti-oxidant in reducing redox, free radicals. Flavonol quercetin was found with high concentrations in Moringa oleifera leaves.  

Quercetin was one of the flavonoids possessing a strong bioactive element with the effects of free radicals, anti-inflammation, anticancer, antihyperlipidemic, and antiplatelet and contributing to a reduction in free radicals.

Chill Pill also increases insulin sensitivity thereby reducing blood insulin levels and enabling fat release.

In the attached study, the comparisons between normal control group and the PCOS-control group showed a significant difference in body weight.

Treatment with Moringa oleifera leaf extract produced a decrease in body weight.

The body weight decrease is the action of the quercetin in Moringa oleifera and very  useful in the redistribution and uptake of fat that normally leads to obesity. 

Moringa oleifera leaf extract lowers the insulin levels in PCOS models with insulin resistance. The administration of Moringa oleifera leaf extract decreases the insulin levels of PCOS-insulin resistance.

In conclusion, Moringa oleifera reduces the blood insulin levels assisting recovery and weight correction.

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