Breakfast? What the Heck! by Janice Lubbe

Breakfast? What the heck!


For me cooking shouldn't be a schlep or time consuming or even costly.

I want quick, simple, fuss free satisfying meals.

So as a mom of 3 growing kids, a wife, business owner, juggling household & various community responsibilities... How does one still fit in time to prepare meals, 3 for that matter, big enough to feed everyone or even creatively?

Since being introduced to the LCHF Lifestyle, life in our family has changed – for the better.

I must be honest and admit, we did try the whole “replica food” thing too. A costly little route that. And don't think because it's “banting” or “gluten free” makes it any better either. Branded food stuffs and cute little phrases certainly had me caught for a while, but this was not helping the budget, food preparation time or even weight loss. Because, let’s face it, that's ultimately the reason why we change what we eat – for weight loss & health.

In a time of some very tight financial circumstances we had to review everything -  especially our food budget. The biggest question & fear was how do you cut that and still feed everyone? Surprisingly, or not, the LCHF is probably the best eating lifestyle to be on when following The Big Breakfast principles. This has been our guide and definitely a lifestyle worth following.

Principles of the Big Breakfast to return a Zest For Life:
*Main priority is stabilizing blood sugar( remove carbs) and remove hunger by getting the body to provide fuel ( ketones) through releasing fat and correcting your weight.
1.) To do this we eat breakfast to satiety, and we know we have eaten to satiety if we are not hungry for 6-8 hrs
2.) The elements of the Big breakfast have 30g nett protein ( that’s about 100g raw weight ) and 60-80g fat if you can
3.) Typically this is an avocado, handful of bacon, 2-3 eggs and 2-3 tbsp's of butter. (First eat the avocado)
4.) You will know that its working if you do not get hungry for 6-8 hrs, you have excess energy in the afternoon and approach dinner less than hungry.
5.) Dinner is typically a handful (palm size protein ) with a cup or two of veg or salad.
6.) We do not cut calories, we eat to lose by eating high quality calories. (Cut the carbs)
7.) We do not do replica foods or foods that remind us of the habits we are changing

Combined with our Zest Moringa & GutRescue, this has strengthened our immune system and corrected health & weight.

Not only has our budget lessened, but cooking time has halved, food preparation has kept us on this journey and everyone in the family has been involved in preparing fun, satisfying, creative meals, even my now 11 year old daughter. (She started preparing her own egg breakfast at age 7).

Big B is for everyone! It's simple, easy, tasty, affordable & satisfying and the added bonus is that you are correcting your health & weight!