Baked Avo Boat recipe - Janice Lubbe

Breakfast is indeed a very important meal. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general those who eat breakfast have more energy and perform better at school and work. Without breakfast, you can get irritable, restless, tired and end up snacking on all sorts of fast foods.

So how does one go about starting on the Big Breakfast?

The following golden rules are guidelines to get you started:

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Your first action:
Focus on:  Belief, Environment & Nutrition.
All are equal in priority!


  1.  Find the reason “why” and make sure it’s big enough to at least sustain your journey for the first 8 weeks.
  2.  Pay attention to your next five meals and see how much white (pasta, rice, bread, sugar, pap) it contains. Remove the white and replace with simple greens- lettuce, broccoli , cucumber, avocados, spinach, kale etc.
  3.  Add butter, lard, olive oil or coconut oil to everything.
  4.  If you were told you weren't allowed to eat it, now is your chance to eat it - add: butter, cream, cheese, avocado, eggs, bacon, chicken skin , pork belly , broth steak fat etc.
  5.  If you think it has sugar it has, then avoid it (fruits, fruit juice and anything that says low fat, or processed)
  6.  Add a handful of protein to all meals. Fish, chicken, meat, visceral meats etc.
  7.  Throw out all your vegetable oil and replace with butter, lard and olive oil.
  8.  You're going to get thirsty, drink when thirsty and develop a passion for water.
  9.  Breakfast to satiety is the key to your new found habits and  the key to your success.
  10.  Don’t rush out and buy anything new to you unless it’s green or fresh.
  11. It can not be over emphasized the importance of sunlight on your face in the morning and reducing artificial light at night.
  12. Weight loss is an added benefit - health is the main

This weeks breakfast suggestion: Baked Avo Boats

You Need:
Soft Avo
Bacon Or Meat of choice
Muffin pan
Preheat oven 200’C
Cut avo in half & remove the pip.
If needed scoop some avo out to have enough space in hole for egg. (Eat avo scoop )
Lay avo over muffin pan so not to roll about.
Crack egg into hole.
Add salt/pepper
Place in oven for 12mins till egg cooked (preference soft, med, hard egg)
Fry *bacon in lard in pan, slice and cover over avo eggs.
Place back in oven to grill slightly.
*Meat of choice can be used on top of avo or served along side it eg. Pork piece, chicken, salmon etc
Serve and enjoy.


Add Homemade mayonnaise*, ZestMoringa Chili or Zest Balsamic Beads


Keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it fun


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Zest Moringa Chili: