Bacon Basket Recipe by Carol Singleton


By Carol Singleton


200g pack of streaky bacon
2-3 extra large eggs
3 tablepoons of Butter

Making the Bacon Basket
Take a small round oven proof bowl or mug
Turn the bowl upside down so you can get the round shape.
Use streaky bacon and make a weave.
Place your weave over the bowl.
And grill in oven until bacon is cooked.
Stretch your bacon as much as possible.

Scrambled eggs
Add 1 tablespoon of butter per egg into the pan
Scramble the eggs in a bowl, Seasalt and add to melted butter
Fry/scramble eggs till done.

Mashed avo
Mash one avo with fork and add some Seasalt and lemon juice to taste

Place bacon basket on plate
Fill basket with mashed avo
Add scrambled egg on top

Garnish with a celery/parsley

Ready to serve.

Add some Seasalt and Herbs: