All my life, I've always been bigger than those around me.

All my life, I've always been bigger than those around me.

In fact, I began wearing a size 36 during my primary school years, so you can imagine the years of carrying extra unnecessary weight on your body which also wrecks havoc to your sense of self.

I became aware of the concept banting or rather low carb high fat eating in 2014.

I frantically joined multiple groups that spoke of this new way of eating. I failed to lose the weight and correct my health, mainly due to the reality of an unchanged mindset.

I wanted quick fixes and did not focus on commitment and change. This is more reason why the BBBD (Zest for life) has made so much sense for me. It doesn't only focus on food but actually aims to bring back to life the TRUE SELF that was imprisoned by years of unhealthy living.

Being a zester has allowed me to refocus on myself again and the relationship I have with myself. I am still far from my ideal health, currently weighing 80kg with a 104cm waistline.

My association with this group has evoked my fighting spirit and established a new found WHY.

I AM the reason not to give up.

I AM the reason to hold on.

I AM the reason to make more deliberate beneficial choices and decisions.

I have decided to commit to MYSELF and anything that yields more meaning and purpose in my life. #lifetimezester😊😊😎😎


 None scale victories. The little things that reassure you that you're on the right track and encourage your commitment and love for a healthy lifestyle. 

A new belt hole clearly signifying a decline to my waistline🤗🤗😊😊😊

Do this for yourself because you're worth it!!