Testimony Joos Jooste

Testimony Joos Jooste
I am fat, always been. I have lost more than 500kg in my dieting career. The problem is the weight always finds me again. I have been on all the diets in the book, counted calories, weighed portions, lost weight on some of them, gained weight on others. It was a vicious circle. The most I weighed was 235 kg. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my blood pressure was through the roof. I then knew I had to do something to correct my health. I was on medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. Six years ago I had my first encounter with low carb diet, but unfortunately it was high protein as well. I lost about 20kg and my health improved a bit, but I could not sustain this as the high protein started to affect my kidneys. I switched to low GI. This helped me for a while, but eating too much low GI bread was also a problem. I was at whit’s end.
Someone introduced me to Banting about 6 months ago and so my journey started. LCHF. I joined all the Banting groups on Facebook. Eishh what a disaster LOL. This one tells you to have fat bombs that one tells you to drink Bullet proof coffee the other one puts you on an egg fast. WTH I felt like a chameleon on a smarty box. I can testify today all these things in Banting were taken out of context and made rules that do not work.
Then one morning, it was the 20th of October 2014, I saw the group Big Breakfast Banting Debate. I read through the FAQ’s and discovered the missing link. Hallelujah. I started to follow the posts and was asking questions and the more I read the more convinced I became that this was my answer.
I started with the biggest breakfast I could possible stomach. Satiety was a foreign concept. I ate till I felt sick, took two more bites and gave up. Low and behold it lasted me almost eight hours. I started to lose weight. Slowly but surely and then it stopped. Eishh what now. I went back to the FAQ and read the piece about “Can Caffeine we blamed for fat stalls?” again, I guess my brain didn’t want to take the info in the first time. Lol I quit coffee there and then and guess what I started to lose again.
I weighed this morning and for the first time in 20 years I am under 180 kg. My Blood pressure is stable. My blood sugar is under control and I feel like I can face the future.
My health is not where it should be yet, but it is a mile from where it was.
Thank you Charles for what this group did for me.