Testimony from Monica Ranson

I used to really struggle to eat a good breakfast. Went YEARS not eating breakfast, felt hungry all the time for the rest of the day, and consequently gorged myself at dinner, to the point of discomfort. Even though I thought I was eating good healthy food, I had ZERO control over my appetite. Until I learned in this group about the Big Breakfast. I realized the reason I couldn't face breakfast was because I was eating too much, too late at night. I am a wife and mum, and my men like their main meal in the evening. Just happens that didn't really work for me. So I switched. 

For me, it's been the catalyst in so many ways. I now eat as big a breakfast as I can manage, within 30 mins of rising. I aim to include 30-40g protein and 90g fat as a minimum. 

This keeps me going all day. I might have a tea with cream in the afternoon, if I feel like it, and I might not. Depends on the day. 

Dinner is a good serve of protein and 2 cups of baby spinach, quickly wilted in butter. A lot of butter LOL. I eat early before 6 if I can. 

The difference it has made for me, in terms of quality of sleep, and energy levels during the day, is remarkable. You could not have told me this last year, I would have had an answer for you for every reason to change my ways. I thought I knew better. Well, I'm proud to confess I was wrong. So forget your yogurt and berries and stuff in the mornings, have them in the evening instead if you just can’t give them up (small portion). Lighten up dinner and you will be up and looking for your Big Breakfast like I do, and you will be hungry for it. It doesn't take that long to correct old habits, it's just what they are, habits and excuses. I want brilliant health and a lean physique more than I want my excuses now. Plenty of testimony in this group that the BB principle works and works well. Nuff said.