Central Governor Model and its effect on you.

To understand the Central Governor model, it is first necessary to define what is meant by health markers, your environment, nutrition, thermogenic and the effect of subsequent fatigue or energy on your body.

Fatigue or energy is not an absolute event — this would suggest that a person is either in a state of fatigue or not — rather, fatigue or energy can be expressed on a scale of greater or lesser amounts. No matter how tired you are can always continue moving, although you may need to slow down.

The Central Governor model states, therefore, that the brain monitors the conditions of all the systems in the body and calculates the metabolic costs of continuing at current pace. By doing so, the brain can subsequently ensure that the body moves at optimum pace. This explains why heart rate may fluctuate when no external changes are present.

So what does this mean to the banter? Lets assume some markers that are being considered by the central governor are pace, heart rate, glycogen levels, ketone levels, Vit D, aromatic amino acids, branch chain amino acids, electrolytes and blood sugar. There are thousands more.
By keeping these markers in an optimal zone your central governor either activates or deactivates muscle. It controls your endocrine system and the amount of fatty acids you are using for your muscle energy needs as well as ketones for brain fuel.

Every set of circumstances creates a reference field for your central governor. If you eat breakfast to satiety on a regular basis you form a reference. If you have smaller dinners, you form a reference. If your carbs are low, you get sun, eat nutrient dense foods etc all of these form a reference for your central governor and determines what its feedback and response by your body will be.

Creating consistent habits while listening to your body improves the feedback to your central governor and with it a response by your bodies health markers. By providing your central governor with recognisable references you allow it to make improved decisions on your levels of fatigue and performance.

So I want you to think about what actions you can or have put in place that improves your central governor response. Some things we like to see you do are:
1. Get early morning sun
2. Train in a fasted state
3. Eat a breakfast to satiety
4. Keep your dairy and carbs for later in the day
5. Cut stimulants and alcohol
6. Always look to improving the quality of the fats and nutrients you are eating
7. And last but not least listen to your body. Your central governor will assist in waking you with a sense of expectation.

I use the following bio hacks to improve my central governors reference.

1. Sun

2. Visceral meats

3. Exercise

4. Fermented foods

5. Raw fish.

6. Cold thermogenics

Moringa capsules