The breakfast metaphor

Thank you to all those that attended the Cape Town Breakfast Debate. It was great fun once again and I really enjoy meeting the people that we interact with so regularly. You guys are awesome. I look forward to meeting many more.

Sharing advice on the group as well as in the newsletter has its place but standing in front of you and listening to your questions as well as answers to questions has me wonder whether we have not chosen a hill too steep to climb. Then I stop for a moment and look at the spotlights that we regularly show you and I know that its well within every one of our means to correct weight, health and serum lipids.

There does seem to be two very distinct requirements to do this:
1. As mentioned on Tuesday night we have to decide where we are drawing the line in the sand. Without a really big reason, the time needed to turn this into a lifestyle may just be two long for many. I challenge you to sit down and really think about how correcting your weight, health and serum lipids would benefit you. Many cannot see the reward. In the book on pg 58 it provides you with an exercise that can help you to gain clarity.
2. The second is understanding that breakfast is a metaphor. It stands for waking with an expectation of success. It stands for setting yourself up for success daily and last but not least it assists with persistence in that it creates a habit. A new way that’s normal.

Folks all you have to do is phone three of your banting friends and you may find two of them unsuccessful. If two of them are successful then you are most likely the odd one out. Ask yourself why this is. Now phone a spotlight or a banter that breakfasts every day and see their results. I want you to be the absolute best you can be and then some more as you are not seeing how awesome you are yet.

The principles of the breakfast debate are there to help you form great habits. Its there to build confidence. Its there to help you correct your weight, health and serum lipids.

To all our admins and agents. This is a challenge to you to step up, put yourself out there and post your current before’s. You need to be twice as accountable as the rest of our members.

I am looking forward to your continued success. The team and I are there for you every day.